[rescue] newest rescue (failure/success/failure)

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Sat Feb 6 07:59:46 CST 2016

" From: Walter Belgers <walter+rescue at belgers.com>
" On 6 feb. 2016, at 13:17, Walter Belgers <walter+rescue at belgers.com> wrote:
" > I took out the P4 board, but the error remains. I took out memory board 3
" and
" > 2, but the error remains. I reseated the CPU board but the error remains.
" > Aargh, what is happening? I cannot get it to work any more :(
" It seems that the connection between the VME boards and the backplane is not
" well sometimes. (Dust? Corrosion?) By reseating the boards (repeatedly) I got
" it to start up again. But not with the P4 graphics card. (Anybody have a spare
" P4 colour graphics card?)

this makes me wonder if a little contact cleaner might be called for,
and whether there might be a particular problem with the graphics
card's connector or its slot in the cage.
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