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Romain Dolbeau romain at dolbeau.org
Thu Feb 4 10:45:03 CST 2016

2016-02-04 16:43 GMT+01:00 Nathan Raymond <nraymond at gmail.com>:

> The only advantage to searching out the rare 32-bit clean IIsi ROM and
> using it in an SE/30 would be to run things like AU/X 3.1.1, which requires
> a 32-bit clean ROM. In case anyone is curious about AU/X, here's a tour
> someone wrote up a number of years ago:

D*mn. You just made me remember why I salvaged a IIci 10-12 years ago. Now,
I need to track down A/UX, a CD-ROM, a screen, a mac video adapter, ...

And that bit of hardware is stored 200 miles away :-(


Romain Dolbeau

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