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" From: Chase Rayfield <cusbrar2 at yahoo.com>
" []
" The AT&t 7300/3b1 Unix PC is quite nifty... 10Mhz 68010 processor up
" to 4Mb ram I think mine has 2Mb currently. It's possible to do
" graphics... and there were answering machine expansion cards in
" addition to the built in phone contacts list. There was a DOS card...
" but I don't find that very interesting personally. It's worth noting
" that the s4bus is pretty bad... it apparently hits the cpu pretty
" hard interrupt wise so 19200 serial and Ethernet bog it down.

one was my first really-operational home pc.  i was working at at&t
when they canned the product line and got one on the half-price
employee sale, $1k.

i was really pissed to see them on sale at the usual vars a few months
later, for $800.  but at&t got hoist by their own petard; those
answering machine cards were for the audix feature in the system 25
pbx, which turned out to be much more popular than they ever imagined,
and they had to buy a lot of those 7300s back while they hastily
designed a new isa-bus [i think] audix card for their 386pc, which
could run sVr3.

my memory is getting vague now, but i could swear there was a driver
hack to replace the 8530 serial chip with an 85230.
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