[rescue] Scuzzygraph anyone?

Mike Spooner mike.spooner.ux at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 06:05:01 CST 2016


The AG-10E is nice, much better (and cooler!) than the Sun ZX for
general-purpose stuff, but if you just want fast 2D 24-bit colour (rather
than the need to run hardware-accelerated 3D programs specifically written
using the XGL API), then the Vitec RasterFlex or RasterFlex-HR are a better
bet - single-width SBus card, very fast, simultaneous 8-bit and 24-bit
colour. Might even be a little cheaper to get hold of, although they are
also rare these days.


Mike Spooner

> Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2016 04:10:22 +0000 (UTC)
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> Subject: [rescue] Scuzzygraph anyone?
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> Also while I'm mentioning mac related stuff... I'd love to rescue a
> Scuzzygraph I or II. It's a TI TMS34010 based scsi graphics adapter for
> macs... I think someone even tried getting it working on sun workstations
> at one point  Though I don't think that work ever surfaced. I have the
> driver disk for it... just no Scuzzygraph *sad mac*
> http://lowendmac.com/2013/scuzzygraph-and-scuzzygraph-ii/
> Also, if any sbus AG10E is out there... I hope it finds me.
> Chase

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