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Peter Stokes peter at ashlyn.co.uk
Tue Feb 2 16:41:33 CST 2016

Hi Nathan

For me it was the the whole package which Sun offered.

Decent, stable O/S with full network support including network boot out of the

Servers which used high end SMD disks, so you could have fast and large
storage for the time, against supported out of the box.

Decent tape drive support for both low end and 1/2" reel to reel again out of
the box.

Both decent workstations and servers, so you could buy it all from one

The popularity also meant that apps (UNIX) were ported to Sun at an early
stage or it was the development platform. Sun took over in many of the U.K.
Computer Science depts in the late 80s from where DEC had been in the previous
decade, instead of running the trusty old VAX 750 etc, they moved to Sun.


> On 2 Feb 2016, at 22:19, Nathan Raymond <nraymond at gmail.com> wrote:
> So here I guess I show my (relative) youth, having never used a 680x0 Sun
> workstation (just SPARC stuff), what's the draw, exactly? At that time I
> was excited by the Mac IIfx and AU/X and the NeXT computers, both of which
> struck me as advanced machines from a VLSI design perspective. From the
> photos I've seen of Sun 680x0 workstations, their motherboards have what
> look like an insane number of chips (surely not 74-series logic?) which at
> first blush looks primitive to me. What am I missing? Or is it the software
> they ran in that era?
>> On Tue, Feb 2, 2016 at 5:05 PM, John Hudak <jjhudak at gmail.com> wrote:
>> OMG, nice snag....We had a bunch of those in our lab...brings back nice
>> memories.  Congrats and pics after bootup pls...
>> Much jealous and envy...
>> -J
>> On Tue, Feb 2, 2016 at 1:51 PM, Walter Belgers <walter+rescue at belgers.com>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I just broke a promise to my wife (and myself). I promised to collect
>> Suns
>>> no
>>> bigger than then SparcCenter 1000. But when you come across a 3/470, how
>>> can
>>> you not rescue it from the garbage heap?
>>> It has a 501 1550 CPU board with a 501 1532 cg6 framebuffer (quite
>> special
>>> I
>>> guess - it also comes with keyboard, mouse and colour monitor). There s a
>>> 501
>>> 1217 SCSI controller, a 501 1102 RAM board (8MB) and a board marked
>>> Is this a memory caching board? It has a bunch of LEDs on it.
>>> The system supposedly does not boot up (haven t tried yet). The boards
>> have
>>> been pulled out and put back again, not necessarily in the same slot. Is
>>> there
>>> something I need to know about slot locations for these board? I vaguely
>>> remember some quirks with other Suns in this respect.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Walter.
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