[rescue] newest rescue

Walter Belgers walter+rescue at belgers.com
Tue Feb 2 12:51:38 CST 2016

Hi all,

I just broke a promise to my wife (and myself). I promised to collect Suns no
bigger than then SparcCenter 1000. But when you come across a 3/470, how can
you not rescue it from the garbage heap?

It has a 501 1550 CPU board with a 501 1532 cg6 framebuffer (quite special I
guess - it also comes with keyboard, mouse and colour monitor). Theres a 501
1217 SCSI controller, a 501 1102 RAM board (8MB) and a board marked DATARAM.
Is this a memory caching board? It has a bunch of LEDs on it.

The system supposedly does not boot up (havent tried yet). The boards have
been pulled out and put back again, not necessarily in the same slot. Is there
something I need to know about slot locations for these board? I vaguely
remember some quirks with other Suns in this respect.

Walter Belgers
walter at belge.rs -=- http://belge.rs/

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