[rescue] StorEdge 3500 access

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Mon Dec 26 12:15:51 CST 2016

I've had this StorEdge 3500 for a few years now, connected to a Sun 
X4100 running Ubuntu, and to a Sun V210 running Solaris 10.

At some point in the past I was able to connect to the array and 
configure it, but I can't figure out what I did.

As I see it, there are three options: 1) serial port (I have it 
connected to a PortMaster 2e), 2) a network connection (unconfigured), 
and 3) in-band through either of the fiber connections.

I have tried many configurations with the Portlaster with no success. I 
do have it working with other Sun gear, including providing console 
access for the V210. I read something about the cable being unusual. 
Anyone know more about that?

The other way that seems possible now is in-band communication, but I 
can't seem to find the Linux or Sol10 package that contains the swccli 

Anyone have suggestions? I'm looking to reconfigure this so that I can 
use it with the X4100 that I have and ayet-to-be-acquired X4100 M2.

I'm sure there's a bunch of information here that I don't know and Ideas 
I have not thought of.



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