[rescue] Wanted for purchase / trade: sparcbook 3 640x480 parts machine (not GX, TX)

Ian Finder ian.finder at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 13:45:21 CST 2016

Willing to trade an RDI powerlite.

I've narrowed down the issue on this Tadpole N40 to the display board,
which is common with the sparcbook 3 chassis. Unfortunately, all my
sparcbooks are 800x600.

I am happy to cannibalize a working machine as well, because I have spare
800x600 display assemblies to replace the 640x480 one I'm seeking.

The sparcbooks support this upgrade. The n40 does not.

   Ian Finder
   (206) 395-MIPS
   ian.finder at gmail.com

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