[rescue] Linux wet paint, was Re: Spark10 CPU question (must fix - SPARC damnit :-) )

Liam Proven lproven at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 13:20:47 CST 2016

On 17 December 2016 at 19:04, Dave McGuire <mcguire at neurotica.com> wrote:
>   Liam, you might be shocked at this, but I have to agree.  From my own
> perspective, it really has grown up a lot.  I've always been a
> commercial UNIX (and VMS) guy, both personally and professionally, and
> I've looked down my nose at Linux.  I've played with it, and thought
> "Hmm, nice toy".  But now I depend on it to get real, critical-for-food
> work done.  It has grown up a lot.

It really has. It's far from perfect, but everything is far from perfect.

>   And Android is just fantastic and generally just WORKS, 'nuff said.

I am not so impressed there, but it does what I need, cheaply. That's
all I can say for it.

>   Although PeeCees have also grown up a lot too, credit where credit is
> due, my very strong preference is for late-model SPARC hardware for
> server roles.  I will run those as long as I can.  The home and work
> production networks are built on T2 hardware, so there are two more
> generations as an upgrade path even if Oracle actually stops SPARC
> development, and also assuming Fujitsu stops making and selling SPARC
> machines.

Fair enough. I have owned a few Suns, never _really_ got properly to
grips with them, never worked with Sun or Solaris for money. I don't
entirely get the appeal. Good kit, but I was never obsessed. All my
Sun and SPARC machines have gone to new homes now -- nothing scrapped
-- and I'm planning to divest of all my Mac kit except _perhaps_ one
680x0 machine and one PowerPC machine. Not sure which boxes yet.

After all these years, I _still_ covet a NeXTstation.

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