[rescue] Major Clearout! (UK LN11) (RE: Voyager Scsi)

Chase Rayfield cusbrar2 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 21 15:13:06 CST 2016


I'm not sure if you are unaware but 2.5 SCSI drives like in the Voyager, 
Powerbooks and SparcBooks  (which I have) can be replaced with a SCSI2SD emulator designed for Powerbooks but it works great in my SparcBook 3GX (the developer also is responsive to bug reports).  Note that he makes a couple different versions and you'll want the 2.5in powerbook version. I've booted up NetBSD 6 on it just fine with some minor video output issues.. 

Unless I am mistaken the Voyager should be very similar to the Sparcbook 3GX at least Scsi chipset wise... The Sparcbook is sun4m as well I imagine there aren't many differences between them other than the graphics controller and using a 60Mhz Microsparc instead of the 110Mhz one I have.

This is where I bought it:

There is also a Japanese SCSI2CF 2.5 adapter... but I think you may fair better with the SCSI2SD as the developer is in Australia, speaks English, and actually does bugfixes if you report them and point him in the right direction (For instance my SCSI2SD was experiencing write timeouts when I got it he put the effort in to figure out how to get that working, as it was a problem on both the uSD card as well as the SCSI bus end). 

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