[rescue] Major Clearout! (UK LN11)

Mark Benson md.benson at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 12:57:38 CST 2016

On 21/12/2016 18:26, Peter Stokes wrote:
> Hi Mark
> Sorry to hear you are having to move stuff on. I am near Newark so reasonably
> close. Interested to know if you have any early SCSI disks with the early 40
> pin connector. I think some may have been used on Apple kit. I am trying to
> restore an old Sun Voyager luggable.

I'll take a look when I'm near the stuff next (probably Xmas day as it's 
in my folk's workshop). I'm reasonably sure Powerbooks use 54-pin 
drives, but I'll dig them out and photograph the pin ends.

They are untested and I have no way in christendom to test them frankly, 
so it'd be take at your own risk.


Mark Benson

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