[rescue] Major Clearout! (UK LN11)

Mark Benson md.benson at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 11:56:44 CST 2016


I recently got my butt kicked out of my Self-Storage unit. Plus is I'm 
45 quid a month better off, minus is I have a TON of old stuff, mostly 
Apple, that I need rid of. Most of this will get recycled if it isn't 
gone by March 31st. It's a LONG list (I went into way too much detail).

All stuff is in UK LN11 Postcode area. Prefer collection, but will ship 
small stuff at your *own risk and cost*.

Unless otherwise explicitly stated, all items are **untested**. I will 
test computers on demand if needed. Cards and CPUs I can't really be 
bothered to. No returns, folks, ya gets what ya gets.

There's a stack of pictures here:

Identification of stuff is left to the reader.

If you have any questions just drop me a line.

Here goes:


=PowerMac 9600=
UNTESTED but was working a year ago when I replaced a faulty logic board 
and booted it into Mac OS 9.1
ZIF Socket CPU card with a G3/500/1M upgrade CPU installed
I think about 384MB of RAM
ATi Rage 128GL video card
Apple 10/100 Ethernet card
Case is a bit dirty and has a few scuffs but is in good general 
condition. The side panel fan has slightly botched (but working) 
contacts on it. Inside is clean and in good condition.

=Intel ISP1100 Rackmount 1U Server=
UNTESTED Not been run up in years was stored as working
Pentium III 800MHz (Coppermine)
No RAM but have some PC100 and PC133 EEC that works in it
1.44MB Floppy and facility to install 2 hard drives (IDE)
Includes some crazy-ass Broadcom PCI Crypto-Accelerator card thatbs 
probably obsolete.
The shown hard drive is not included (itbs SATA, anyway)
Was bought as new in the box so has not seen a server room in itbs life, 
I havenbt run it for any significant time. Chassis is clean aside from a 
bit of dust, the front panel cover likes to fall off because the rack 
ears got dingged. Comes with a full set of rack rails (never opened) if 
I can find them

=Macintosh IIci=
TESTED. DEAD. doesnbt boot to Happy Mac, chime is weak, caps on board 
are shot, quote to recap was too expensive because of shipping board to USA
Clean case, some very minor abrasions, all 4 rubber feet supplied (these 
are hard to find!)
No Hard Drive (carrier and screws present)
No RAM (No 8 RAM slot also doesnbt latch due to cheap/crap design that 
Floppy untested
One good PSU, one spare with (very) blown cap
Daystar 68040/25 CPU card with cache (Fits IIci CPU/PDS slot)

=Macintosh Quadra 840av=
UNTESTED Powered on when last used but has been stored for a long period
128MB RAM (8x16MB 72-pin SIMMs)
2MB VRAM (might be 4MB? I canbt honestly remember, itbs maxed anyway)
Spigot PowerAV buffer card (improves onboard video capture performance)
Case is solid but plastics are yellowed and some cosmetic scuffs, broken 
CD bezel (common problem on 8-series cases) Inside is mostly clean and 
in good order.
I *suspect* the onboard SCSI is faulty, but I donbt remember for sure. A 
NuBus Wide SCSI card was used for performance reasons (vidcap needs good 
MB/s!) and can be provided if required
Was officially the fastest 68k Mac made and if it works makes a lovely 
7.6/8.68k box

=Macintosh Classic=
UNTESTED literally no idea
Probably has 4 or 8MB or RAM?
Probably has a hard drive.
Case is really surprisingly clean as itbs been kept in a box
SCSI and Floppy ports rusty
Canbt remember if I yanked the battery

=Macintosh Color Classic / Performa 575=
ATTENTION: This machine is a HACK. It is a Colour Classic chassis and 
screen (beautiful Trinitron 9b
 flat-tube) with a Performa 575 mainboard 
in (a slot-in replacement). A hardware hack has been done to the 
analogue board to drive the screen at 640x480 (which it does very well). 
Doesnbt have a fitting back panel cover for the logic board (purely a 
cosmetic issue). The amp for the onboard speaker died at some point 
(might be cap rot) but the headphone port on the board worked fine.
CURIO: The case bbucketb (back half) is signed (inside) by Rev. Stuart 
Bell who was a renowned modder of Classic Macs back in the day. Youbll 
likely only have heard of him if you were into classic Macs in the late 
90s/early 2000s.
2MB VRAM (?)
PowerPC 601 Upgrade Card - this thing sits in the 68040 socket and 
carries the 040 and PPC with software to switch between them (on the 
hard drive, if it works) - defaults to 040 mode for compatibility. I 
also have the box, manual and packaging for this upgrade.
Performa PDS Ethernet
Externally itbs a tad grubby, needs a clean, but pretty sound. Case 
plastics are a bit yellowed and therebs a nasty scar on one side from 
where the security mark was removed.

=Macintosh Performa 475=
UNTESTED worked last time I turned it on and they are pretty hard to kill :)
Probably has no RAM or VRAM (aside from soldered in stuff)
Genuine XC68040RC25M CPU (not original, has FPU)
No Hard Drive (tray and screws are in it I think)
Has LC PDS Ethernet card, I think
Clean condition, case is largely unscathed, only light yellowing. Has an 
AppleCentre Norwich dealer label on the front
=Macintosh LC=
Itbs complete and pretty original, including hard drive, RAM etc.
Has some kind of LC PDS card in that I canbt identify (itbs no LAN), but 
I couldnbt be fashed to take the lid off as I didnbt have a screwdriver 
handy. I donbt remember having anything too exciting for LC PDS
Case is okay apart from some sticker-guff and dirt. Even has original 
retaining screw!

=Apple Newton Messagepad 130=
UNTESTED Hasnbt been powered on in ages. *did* work fine
Itbs in decently clean condition but looks busedb
Comes with a couple of Apple sylii, theybre eMate ones but work just fine
Also has an original NiCad battery pack (removed from the unit) which is 
likely dead but looks nice.

External 50-pin SCSI Apple CD-ROM
I think it has a Genuine Apple CD300 (Matshita 4x) drive in it which 
means itbll work with System 7.5 up with no silly drivers IIRC
50-pin Centronics with Passthrough

=Compaq 8-port PS/2 VGA KVM=
The bless compatibleb black port version
No cables, sorry, but they use standard VGA/PS2 ports


=NuBus Cards=
Radius Rocket Mac-on-Mac emulator card (040/25 no RAM)
Radius Thunder IV GX1280 (about the second best NuBus video card made)
Radius Thunder IV GX1600 (about the best NuBus video card made)
SuperMac DigitalFilm VidCap system - Includes cable and breakout box
Digidesign Audiomedia II - Full 16-bit 44KHz Stereo sound card with 
Digital out
FWB Jackhammer SCSI Card - Wide and Narrow SCSI
VillageTronic MacPicasso 320(?) - only NB Graphics card I ever had with 
a generic VGA port!
2x of Asante Ethernet Card - RJ-45 and Thicknet ports

=PCI/AGP Cards=
8MB Video Board from PowerMac 9600 (I forget the model)
AGP Radeon 7000L - Pretty sure this is a PC card, not Mac
ATi Rage 128GL (with VRAM expansion) from PowerMac G3 B&W
Apple Fast Ethernet 10/100 card - RJ-45

=CPUs & CPU Cards=
ZIF Module PowerPC G3/266 - originally from Beige PowerMac G3
ZIF Module PowerPC G4/400 - unknown but likely from Yikes! G4
ZIF Module PowerPC G4/500 - SonnetTech G4/500/1M upgrade
NewerTech MAXpower PowerPC G3 (233?) Slot Card (for pre-G3 PCI PowerMac)
SonnetTech PowerPC G3 300/512 Upgrade Slot Card (for pre-G3 PCI PowerMac)
PowerPC 604/166MHz - Pulled from a Power Computing PowerTower (Mac Clone)
Unknown PowerPC G3/250 Upgrade Card - has rotary switch clock settings on it

DaynaPort SCSI Ethernet unit - includes PSU (albeit with a 2-pin Euro plug)
AV bWingsb Personality card (video in/out, RCA Audio in/out) -  think 
these are for the Beige PowerMac G3?
2x of LC PDS Ethernet Card
PowerMac 8100/7100/6100 Accelerated Video card for PDS Slot - includes 
6100 bracket
Apple Performa PDS Ethernet Card
3x of 3rd Party Apple-AUI (mini Apple port NOT DB-15) to RJ-45 transceivers
Genuine Apple-AUI (mini Apple port NOT DB-15) to RJ-45 transceiver
Racal Interlan Ethernet Expansion - Mac SE/30 ONLY
Mac SE Logic Board with 4MB RAM and SHIVA Etherport SE Ethernet Expansion
Quantum GoDrive 2.5b
 SCSI Hard drive - 40MB - Powerbook - 1992
Quantum GoDrive 2.5b
 SCSI Hard drive - 160MB - Powerbook - 1992
Various Drive Trays
PowerMac 8600/9600/G3 Beige Tower
Quadra 8xx/PowerMac 8xxx (pre-8600)
Mac LC
Floppy Drives - Manual and Auto-inject types
Mac SE & SE/30 Rear Expansion port bracket
2x of Mac Keyboard Cable (curly grey ones)
Bundle of PhoneNet cables
PowerMac 6100/7100 Video to 15-pin Monitor adapter


**Photos on demand for these if you are interested, haven't got to 
photographing them yet.**

iMac G4 800 -15-inch - B#100 OR if it'd donated to a suitable museum (it 
deserves to be looked at!)
TESTED working okay (booted into OS X 10.4.11 and ran a few apps)
G4 800MHz CPU
 LCD Panel
768MB RAM (256MB Internal, 512MB in upgrade slot)
Airport (doesnbt support WPA encrypted WiFi)
Cosmetically needs a clean and dedust, has a few scuffs on the outer 
case plastics, otherwise in good condition. Flat Panel LCD sadly has 
several bugs stuck between the LCD and the backlight resulting in small 
black spots that look like 2-3 dead pixels
Has original, working external speakers (have special powered plug!) - 
in similar need of light TLC
In Original box (because frankly it was the only way to store it safely!)
Probably have a matching White Keyboard and Mouse somewhere.
Happy to ship to UK Buyer as itbs easy enough in the box

PowerMac G3/400 upgraded to G4/500/1M) - B#50
TESTED WORKING booted into Mac OS X 10.4.11 and tooled about. Soak 
tested for 4 hours.
ATi Radeon 7000 Mac Edition Graphics Card (in high-speed slot)
512MB RAM (tested working in the machine)
40GB Hard drive (?)
Case is in decent condition aside from an odd scuff, front lower handle 
has a chunk missing out of it (happened some time ago and never got 
I *think* I have an original keyboard that matches thisb& maybe.

((Wow, you got this far?!))


Mark Benson

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