[rescue] VAX 11/750s - Re: Linux wet paint, was Re: Spark10 CPU question (must fix - SPARC damnit :-) )

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Well, my VAX Station 4000/60 with 72 Mb and 400+Mb disk running VMS 7.0 uses a low end HP Stream to run Secure CRT for its VT-100 OPA0: console. Of course it is through a USB to serial converter, then through a 15 pin RS232 to MMJ cable. It's an easy way to load those PAKs from the HP Hobbyist Program too. Plus copy and paste printing through network printer. 

As long as I'm writing this, HP should be commended again for having the formal hobbyist program. I was active in a DECUS LUG in the 1980s and like being able to use Putty to get to VMS whenever I feel like it, or Telnet Lite through iPhone 7 ! 

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On 12/19/16 17:49, Ian Finder wrote: 
> I will eventually replace the TU58 roller. I've had work done by Terry's 
> Rubber Rollers before, and the guy always delivers good work on budget. 
> For now, there is a thinkpad T420 living inside of the cavernous enclosure 
> running Debian-stable and tu58em. Mostly, it just runs the console tape. 
> Overkill- could use a Raspberry Pi or pocketchip but it's always there to 
> pull up docs on, so good stuff... 

I find myself greatly amused at the idea of a VAX 11/750 booting from a 
"modern" computer whose sole purpose is to emulate a tape drive. 

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