[rescue] SS10 SCSI Controller

eddie_cottongim eddie_cottongim at cox.net
Sun Dec 18 00:20:56 CST 2016

A belated update here, I think the SCSI controller really did die. The
machine would occasionally work for several days, then lose disk access
for weeks. After swapping out everything possible with no improvement, I
put my SCSI2SD in a SPARCStation 20 I acquired in the meantime and it has
worked fine since. (I used the CDROM connector.. haven't figured out what
to do with the SCA connectors).

A sign I should have paid more attention to was ESP related warnings from
the Linux kernel on every disk access -  I don't remember the text now,
though they seemed to cause no harm at the time and I didn't make a
connection at the time that the controller itself was in trouble.

Hopefully I'll be able to swap the SS10's motherboard out at some point
and get that machine usable again.


  On August 7, 2016 at 12:34 AM eddie_cottongim eddie_cottongim
  <eddie_cottongim at cox.net> wrote:

  My SPARCstation 10's SCSI controller seems to have died. I've gone
  through a bunch of swaps of trying both internal and external
  cabling, multiple drives, etc. It suddenly went from working well
  (with internal SCSI2SD and external DVD) to hanging while trying to
  boot. ("The SCSI Bus is hung.") OBP btest scsib fails (-1) most
  of the time. To my surprise, probe-scsi can still see the SCSI2SD,
  but hangs after printing that line, with the access light on SD2SCSI
  still on.

  Are there any repairable common failure modes here? I checked the
  termination PTC fuse as well as I could b its hard to get clear
  access to the legs, but I think it is ok. If it is misbehaving under
  load, I wouldn't be able to tell with a simple continuity test.

  My main options would be replace the motherboard, or find an add-in
  SCSI controller?



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