[rescue] Linux wet paint, was Re: Spark10 CPU question (must fix - SPARC damnit :-) )

Liam Proven lproven at gmail.com
Sat Dec 17 08:13:27 CST 2016

On 17 December 2016 at 06:29, Kevin Bowling <kevin.bowling at kev009.com> wrote:
> But the
> year of the Linux desktop is always a year away, and the Linux graphics
> stack and desktop experience remain mediocre at best.

Meanwhile in the real world...


2.5 billion Android -- i.e. Linux users -- as of a year ago.

Now, approximately half the human race owns or uses Linux.

Meanwhile, in laptops etc.


ChromeOS is the #2 most widely-used PC OS in the world, after Windows.

Only about 8 million units, if Q1 was 2M, but still.

Linux may not be particularly good in any single way, but its licence
and its cost outweigh technical elegance. I'm afraid that's the

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