[rescue] sparc10 cpu - what to do.

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Fri Dec 16 11:59:51 CST 2016

" From: Dave McGuire <mcguire at neurotica.com>
" On 12/16/2016 09:55 AM, Sandwich Maker wrote:
" > nb. if you can scare up a copy of disksuite for sunos you'll be free
" > of this limit.
"   I have a copy of Disksuite if anyone needs it.
" > for 4.1.4 you'll have to hack the installer though, as
" > the installer test doesn't include it.
"   For Disksuite?  I've always installed it after the OS.

d'oh!  i meant the ds1 installer not including 4.1.4.

perhaps they reissued the disk, but when i got a copy of ds1 to
install on a 4.1.4 machine in the mid-'90s, it only tested for
versions up to 4.1.3_u1.  it was an easy installer script fix and sun
support explicitly greenlighted ds1 on 4.1.4 otherwise, and i had no
other problems.
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