[rescue] sparc10 cpu - what to do.

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Fri Dec 16 10:40:11 CST 2016

> I'm also running two 2Gig drives in this case, one of which is an
> early one and runs hot.  I'm going to see if i can find something
> more modern and maybe more commodious.  I understand that I'll wind
> up with a bunch of 2 gig partitions, [...]

That depends on the OS.  The SCSI hardware can obviously handle 10-byte
CDBs or you wouldn't be able to access above the 1G point on any
device.  And the label format has limits, but they are _much_ higher
(partition start points are (a) in cylinders and (b) 32-bit; partition
sizes are 32-bit and are counts of half-K blocks, so the limit is
either 1T or 2T depending on whether the 32-bit values are signed or

So, any 2G partition size limit is an OS issue.  I don't see you
describing what OS you're using; the only one I know this for is
NetBSD/sparc, which has no such limits.

> If I add this second CPU, am I likely to need to recompile kernel?

It depends on your OS.

NetBSD/sparc either doesn't support multiple CPUs at all (old versions)
or includes multiprocessor support unless you specifically removed it
(less-old versions).  If you have a multiprocessor-capable version but
are using a kernel without multiprocessor support, then, yes, you'd
need to (rebuild and) switch kernels.

But there's also the hardware question.  You mention an SM51, but the
only specific SPARCstation model you mentioned before that is the 2;
IIRC the SM51 is an Mbus CPU, and the 2 is not an Mbus machine.  (You
also mention the 10 and the IPX, but later in your mail, and

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