[rescue] sparc10 cpu - what to do.

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" but back to the cpu issue. I have a single SM51. Since these look 
" relatively inexpensive, my thought was to add another one. I'm assuming 
" I need the same part number as it looks like Sun made a number of 
" different SM51's.  I'm also running two 2Gig drives in this case, one of 
" which is an early one and runs hot.  I'm going to see if i can find 
" something more modern and maybe more commodious. I understand that I'll 
" wind up with a bunch of 2 gig partitions, but I don't really need the 
" room, just more than the 2 gigs on a single drive.

nb. if you can scare up a copy of disksuite for sunos you'll be free
of this limit.  for 4.1.4 you'll have to hack the installer though, as
the installer test doesn't include it.

" If I add this second CPU, am I likely to need to recompile kernel? Or 
" only if I picked badly when I set it up the first time?

it's plug 'n play for matched cpus.

i don't know that mismatched cpus *won't* work, but the kernel can
only divide tasks equally between them, meaning the faster speed will
be wasted at best.

i don't think you actually have to match p/n, just speed and cache.
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