[rescue] Spark10 CPU question (must fix - SPARC damnit :-) )

Eric Dueweke edueweke at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 20:35:05 CST 2016

I still use a VERY well loved Ultra 2 and Ultra 10 on a daily basis at
work. Also medical imaging - the Sun hardware supports an interface card
for a machine that would cost several million (unbudgeted) dollars to
replace. It is a necessity but it also just works better than the latest
gear that we have at another site which is run off Dell hardware.

On Dec 15, 2016 9:22 PM, "Mark Brown" <sunrescue1 at marknmel.com> wrote:

> On 16-12-15 04:05 PM, Patrick Giagnocavo wrote:
> You can find a lot of good ex-Sun guys at Joyent. They still maintain
>> and release a version of Solaris.
>> Linux is not as good as Solaris - when I run containers on Solaris I
>> can count on its excellent memory handling - on Linux I have to watch
>> the memory carefully.
>> Tempted to fire up Illumos/SmartOS on a 1U server I have, however...
>> I've been tempted to reply to this thread - just getting to it now. :-)
> I work in the medial imaging software business and we still use SPARC on
> our legacy product. Big relational databases, heavy storage and network
> requirements for image reception and delivery.  In my lab, there are
> several T4's, T3's, T2k's and I think my oldest SPARC is a well loved
> V240.  It's all great kit.
> Looking forward - to our next gen stuff -  It seems to be Windows and/or
> Linux.  I won't say anything (nice) about the former...
> Linux.  There is nothing -really- wrong with Linux. It's a little
> utilitarian. Almost too much of a good thing. It's in our TV's and in our
> phones. Who thought that was going to happen 20 years ago? It seems to take
> up new features pretty quick, and the paint is always a bit wet, either in
> the kernel, applications or even within the distribution.  I think it's
> always been like that, and I'm not convinced it will ever be better.  The
> paint around a feature will cure, but there is always wet paint somewhere.
> I don't really remember this churn in Solaris.  There were some pretty big
> features added.  UFS Journaling, Solaris Zones, ZFS, Crossbow.   They were
> remarkable in the way that they were mature. I'm not convinced that this is
> only a by-product of being a commercial offering.  (remember - I'm in the
> software business).
> I really do like the stability and io capability of SPARC.  Its Larry that
> really put me off though.  I cast off all my SPARC gear within the last
> year or two.  It was a little sad, but I do maintain a few Solaris(*)
> machines still around home.
> (*)Well ok - Solaris-esque;
> - I've got an old OpenSolaris 0906 that still runs well (General purpose
> file server, Mail, DB, and Web services).
> - EON Storage (Boots and Runs from USB key - klunky, funny, quirky, but it
> works) Hosts my ZFS send/recv backups. :-)
> - I've got a Joyent SmartOS box too.
> --The SmartOS system is a really nice box. Boots from USB key, one ZFS
> pool.  Provides Solaris Zones (or is that a SmartOS Zones) and KVM.  They
> even implemented the Crossbow network stack as well. It's pretty nice!
> --All my (utilitarian) linux images - run within KVM, on top of SmartOS
> (Solaris).  I don't bother with VMware or VirtualBox.
> --Joyent have an Image repository - you can slurp down pre-built KVM/Zone
> images - Illumos, Ubuntu, CentOS, etc.
> --Booted Windows2k8 in a SmartOS KVM - was a far cry from Windows 3.1 on
> Sunsoft Wabi :-)
> --I've created my own images for my own local repo of things like OpenBSD
> and a few other custom images.
> --I think some of the later SmartOS work may be around docker -but I
> haven't messed with that stuff yet.
> So - I can still get my "Solaris Fix", I just think less about Larry when
> I do it!
> Props to Andre Lue (EON Storage) and to the team (past and present) over @
> Joyent too!
> /Mark
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