[rescue] Spark10 CPU question

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Thu Dec 15 11:37:16 CST 2016

On 12/15/2016 07:08 AM, Sandwich Maker wrote:
> " > but sun was understandably not interested in
> " > anything which would slow customers in moving from sunos to solaris,
> " > especially when they were moving much slower than they wanted anyway.
> " 
> "   ...because it SUCKED for so many years!  Lots of SunOS4 shops, mine
> " included, were just plain disinterested.  They forced our hand by
> " introducing new machines, UltraSPARCs, that weren't supported by SunOS4.
> "  We were still a mostly-SunOS4 shop until I left that place in 1997.  It
> " wasn't for another year or two after that I considered Solaris fit for
> " use in a production environment.
> oh yeah.  a y2k job i had which left me feeling pretty clever involved
> upgrading a shop which was still running sunos at most of their seats.
> they would happily have stayed on sunos if it'd had any future, but --

  Yeah, a lot of people worry about that sort of thing, but even in a
production environment, when you have source code (which isn't tough to
find) it's not a big deal.  I can dust off the old SPARCstation-IPX that
I used as my main desktop machine in 1993 and get real work done today.

  But of course if they're locked into some vertical-market software,
they're screwed.  I suppose not being so puts me very much in the
minority, but I don't like to be controlled by vendors.

> they had a few u10s and solaris copies of all their s/w.  i spent
> about a month getting a grip on their setup and customizing a
> jumpstart configuration.  when it was ready, i asked them to take a
> long lunch one friday and jumpstarted all the machines.  they came
> back, logged into their new solaris environments, and went right back
> to work.
> that was 2.6, and no harm that they waited.

  Yes. :-)  Awesome upgrade execution, BTW!

> "   Nowadays, I'd run it on everything if I could, but Oracle has their
> " ties tied too tightly.  So I only run it on the servers that do the
> " heavy lifting and face the outside world.  Best OS I've ever run, and
> " I've run quite a few.
> how do you rank and compare openindiana et al?

  Honestly I know nothing about it.  My time to "explore new stuff" is
pretty limited these days; I just need it to work.  Maybe someday I'll
get some time to look at it.


Dave McGuire, AK4HZ
New Kensington, PA

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