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" From: Dave McGuire <mcguire at neurotica.com>
" On 12/14/2016 09:27 PM, Sandwich Maker wrote:
" > but sun was understandably not interested in
" > anything which would slow customers in moving from sunos to solaris,
" > especially when they were moving much slower than they wanted anyway.
"   ...because it SUCKED for so many years!  Lots of SunOS4 shops, mine
" included, were just plain disinterested.  They forced our hand by
" introducing new machines, UltraSPARCs, that weren't supported by SunOS4.
"  We were still a mostly-SunOS4 shop until I left that place in 1997.  It
" wasn't for another year or two after that I considered Solaris fit for
" use in a production environment.

oh yeah.  a y2k job i had which left me feeling pretty clever involved
upgrading a shop which was still running sunos at most of their seats.
they would happily have stayed on sunos if it'd had any future, but --

they had a few u10s and solaris copies of all their s/w.  i spent
about a month getting a grip on their setup and customizing a
jumpstart configuration.  when it was ready, i asked them to take a
long lunch one friday and jumpstarted all the machines.  they came
back, logged into their new solaris environments, and went right back
to work.

that was 2.6, and no harm that they waited.

"   Nowadays, I'd run it on everything if I could, but Oracle has their
" ties tied too tightly.  So I only run it on the servers that do the
" heavy lifting and face the outside world.  Best OS I've ever run, and
" I've run quite a few.

how do you rank and compare openindiana et al?
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