[rescue] 2 off Sun Sparcstation 2 wanted

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Wed Dec 14 20:07:30 CST 2016

>>>> Anyone have one or more Sparcstation 2 they are willing to let go,
>>>> any spec of interest?
>> Well, I have some that I wouldn't take toooo much convincing to let
>> go of, but they're in Ottawa (Canada), [...]
> Can you get back to me on this one please?

Sorry for the delay; I just lost pretty close to the last week to a
nasty illness.  I should be able to get into storage and go through the
pile of SPARCstations to see what I have by way of SS2s sometime soon -
I hope to do this before the weekend....

Disk caddies - I no longer remember what the SS2 needs for a disk
caddy.  I'll have to open one up and see.  I may or may not be able to
lay hands on disk caddies easily.

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