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All my both my sparcstation 10s have two processors.   Even on SunOS }they is
a pretty big speed improvement.   While SunOS can't quite multi-task like
solaris, sometimes that can work in your benefit.

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" From: john ferguson <jferg977 at aol.com>
" I'm running an old (but great)  CAD program on an SS10 using SunOS
" 4.1.4.  I also have a SPARCPrinter 1, which also works and have compiled
" a 2006+/- flavor of Ghostscript to accept more modern versions of
" PostScript output and print them.  And, no, I didn't really know what I
" []
" to the question:
" My memory is that there is no benefit for multiple processors in 4.1.4,
" and it seems unlike the application I use the most would benefit either.

there is, for heavy cpu-pig apps like cad, even if they're
single-threaded and under sunos4's primitive 'multiproc' - the app can
substantially hog only one cpu, but that leaves the other free to do
everything else a running system wants.

i saw this at a network-gear shop in the mid '90s; workstations with
only one proc were virtually unusable while doing sims, but ones with
dual procs were only a little slowed in the logic editor by the
'background' task.  sims went faster too, since they were swapped less
with their 'own' cpu.

" Second question, is if you had this system, which CPU would you use?
" Stability would be nice and higher performance than the base TI twin CPU
" I have now would be the goal.

supers don't clock as fast as hypers, but they do much more per tick.
top-end hypers still rule, iirc.

" I'm assuming that I'll buy the recommended board on-line.  and maybe a
" peppier frame-buffer.

it's really a shame the onboard isn't supported under sunos4.  i
suppose an alert kernel programmer could massage driver code from *bsd
into a lkm, if any of them support it...
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