[rescue] 2 off Sun Sparcstation 2 wanted

Peter Stokes peter at ashlyn.co.uk
Wed Dec 14 08:21:33 CST 2016

Hi Mouse

Can you get back to me on this one please?


On 11 Dec 2016, at 01:15, Mouse <mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG> wrote:

>>> Anyone have one or more Sparcstation 2 they are willing to let go,
>>> any spec of interest?
> Well, I have some that I wouldn't take toooo much convincing to let go
> of, but they're in Ottawa (Canada), whereas both your email domain and
> the phone number you give indicate you're on the east side of the pond.
> I don't suppose whoever/whatever wants them wants them badly enough to
> cover having someone pick up, pack, and ship from Ottawa?
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