[rescue] ADM3-A lower case ROM

John Hudak jjhudak at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 22:42:07 CST 2016

Ummm, yea, I seem to remember something about a jumper tht needed to be
soldered on the  male DB25 because the ADM3 with the lc ROMS needed to have
a signal jumpered.... too far back in time to remember....

Also, IIRC, the dip switch settings were different for a ADM3 and the
ADM3+.  Also there was an anniversary version of the ADM3+ that had
different settings/functions than the other two.  I'd make sure you have
the correct manual for the model you have. I don't remember anything else
having to be done other than changing some dip switches.

You said something about when you connected it to the Sun....this is really
a dumb terminal and termcap had to be set up correctly and is different
from a VT100 (which in my world was 'the standard')...  Unfortunately I
don't remember the nuances of the termcap off the top of my
head....Googling my shed some light on it.

Good luck!

On Tue, Dec 13, 2016 at 8:46 PM, Steve Hatle <shatle at nfldinet.com> wrote:

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> ahhh, a blast from the
> past...SIgnetics 2513 character generator ROM.
> These are as scarce as WOMs.
> This fellow did a dump of the lower case character generator for the
> ADM3.
> He
> also has a adapter board that uses a 2716 (you can still find them,
> but
> not
> for long....)
> He also points out (incorrectly i believe) that the cycle time
> for the
> 2513
> is 400ns....I always remembered 450ns, and I double checked it in
> my old
> Signetics data book. Unless LearSigler made some special arrangement
> with
> Signetics that I am unaware of.
> http://juliepalooza.8m.com/sl/adm3a-2.htm
> In any event, you don't want to install that ROM incorrectly....Good
> luck
> BTW, IIRC, the dip switches are the only thing that needs to be changed
> to
> accomodate the lower case ROM....I don't remember what dip switches they
> were.
> John
> ---
> I set the DIP switches and installed the ROM. When I turned on the
> terminal, the whole screen was filled with "`" characters before the
> host was
> ever started.
> When I started up the connected Sun machine, the terminal did
> display
> both upper and lower case characters, but the "`" characters remained
> and appeared to fill out each new line, and text printed out by the
> machine
> was followed by garbage characters - like "Login:nzzzz". Typed
> characters were
> correctly upper or lower as typed.
> I removed the ROM and cleaned the legs of
> the chip. I didn't clean the
> socket, since I didn't have anything like DeOxit
> handy. I did remove and
> re-insert the ROM a couple of times.
> When I removed
> the ROM and set the DIPs back to the original setting,
> the terminal worked
> like normal in all upper case. Setting the DIPs to
> force upper case, etc. when
> the ROM was in always showed the bad
> behavior though the characters were
> upper/lower as you would expect from
> the switch settings.
> TL;DR - bad and
> extra characters when the ROM chip is in, everything OK
> when it's out.
> So,
> barring a bad connection to the chip while it's in the socket, it
> seems like
> the ROM itself could be bad. I'll dig through the maint
> manuals and see if I
> can find anything related to this behavior. In the
> meantime, any ideas from
> the collective are welcome.
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