[rescue] ADM3-A lower case ROM

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Mon Dec 12 17:17:13 CST 2016

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Hasn't the ROM
been dumped already? Is it
one of the early devices with
unusual voltages,
complicating the burning of
replacements? I've got an
old Needhams EP10 (or
whatever) somewhere in
storage, but that's
probably not going to cut it...
Willing to work with
somebody local (SF Bay area) with appropriate


OK - I found the ROM! A
friend had one of these terminals in mothballs
and took out the chip for me.
Looking at the maintenance manual, once I pop in the ROM it seems I have
check/set two DIP switches, one on the main circuit board to enable
upper/lower case display, and one in the set next to the keyboard to
generation of lower case characters. 

I haven't looked yet to see what these
switches are currently set at.

Can anyone tell me if there's something else
I'm missing? I don't think
there's much that can break, but I figured it's
worth asking since I
won't get to try it out for a day or so.


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