[rescue] SunPCI III software (again?)

Mike Shields shieldsm at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 19:49:43 CST 2016

Hey all -

I see that this request went out a while ago, but I have just come across a
SunPCI IIIpro, and have been completely unable to find the software for it.
I do have the sol10 patches (e.g. 118591-03), but not the base SUNWspci

Any help for a longtime lurker? I'm trying to put this in my Ultra 80,
which I'm not sure is even compatible - but I'd like to give it a shot.

Some Ultra 80 trivia: I was able to squeeze a modified (reversibly so)
XVR-1200 into the 64-bit/66MHz bottom slot. Normally, the double-height
card can only fit into one of the 64-bit/33MHz slots in the 80. I haven't
benchmarked it yet to see if there's any measurable difference, but I'll
post my findings later if anyone is interested.

Cheers -


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