[rescue] [geeks] Solaris being discontinued? Rumors flying

Phil Stracchino phils at caerllewys.net
Mon Dec 5 08:12:49 CST 2016

On 12/04/16 22:49, Andrew Jones wrote:
> Same with the GCC snapshot.  Redhat bought Cygnus, so they had a 
> non-trivial subset of gcc and egcs developers in-house.

Yes.  Who told them, repeatedly, NOT TO SHIP IT because it was an
engineering prototype and not ready for production use.  But all they
saw was the 2.96 version number.  "Oooooo, nobody else has that!!!"

Red Hat bought Cygnus to get the prestige of the official GCC
maintainership, which Cygnus held at the time.  Crap like this from Red
Hat is why the GCC Steering Committee took it away and awarded it to
Wind River Systems.

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