[rescue] [geeks] Solaris being discontinued? Rumors flying

Jonathan Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Sat Dec 3 22:52:55 CST 2016

On Sat, 3 Dec 2016, Phil Stracchino wrote:

> To be clear, I'm not talking about the latest shiny bling-bling desktop
> environment.  I'm talking about things like common Unix cli utilities
> that don't yet support command-line options that I've taken for granted
> for ten years.

It goes both ways.

FreeBSD's tar can uncompress an archive whether it's gzipped, xz-ed,
bzipper, or compressed with one flag (z) instead of needing to pick one of
several (z, Z, l?, or j).

SIGINFO.  Linux doesn't have it.  Solaris doesn't have it.  The BSDs and
OS X do, and you'll miss it once you get used to being able to ask a
process how close to done it is.

I have yet to meet a disk-labeling tool for Linux as scriptable and
easy-to-use (if not easy-to-learn) as gpart.  It supports MBR and GPT and
requires no GUI.  My CentOS box appears to have nothing like that.

Do we even have to discuss the convoluted state of procps?  Or the fun new
replacements for ifconfig and route?

It's almost like the BSDs and Linuxen cater to different crowds with
differing expectations.  Horses for courses, and all that.

Jonathan Patschke
Austin, TX

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