[rescue] FreeBSD, was Re: [geeks] Solaris being discontinued? Rumors flying

Andrew Jones andrew at jones.ec
Sat Dec 3 16:31:33 CST 2016

On 12/03/2016 05:30 PM, Dave McGuire wrote:
> On 12/03/2016 05:28 PM, Mark Linimon wrote:
>>>> sun4u was done when SPARC was plentiful and somewhat relevant.
>>>   And funded by Sun, if memory serves.
>> I never heard that.
>   Unless I'm misremembering, I'm pretty sure this is the case.  I
> remember seeing it in a press release and being really annoyed that they
> chose to back the then-PC-centric FreeBSD rather than the much more
> platform-agnostic NetBSD.  I'll dig around a bit later on to see if I
> can find some references about it.
>            -Dave

I seem to recall Sun Microelectronics was funding FreeBSD/SPARC 
development at the same time that SunSoft was pushing Solaris x86 on OEMs.

Sun was an odd beast.

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