[rescue] [geeks] Solaris being discontinued? Rumors flying

Phil Stracchino phils at caerllewys.net
Sat Dec 3 10:58:54 CST 2016

On 12/03/16 04:45, David Brownlee wrote:
> On 2 Dec 2016 2:03 a.m., "Christopher Robinson" <
> chrisrobinson at rocketmail.com> wrote:
> As far as Solaris goes, i have been looking around for a good upgrade
> fromOpenSolars. The best i have found is Gentoo Linux, which unfortunately
> hasno installer and needs an entire day to install.

Saying that Gentoo "has no installer" is ... kind of misrepresentation.
It doesn't have a "load the CD, push one button, and stand back"
installer, no.  But then, neither does Solaris, does it?

Just for the record, I actually find sysresccd to be a better Gentoo
install CD than the Gentoo install CD.  Because sysresccd comes with NFS
already built in, and the Gentoo install CD doesn't.

> If your playing with Linux I'd suggest starting with Ubuntu to have
> something which should install and get running quickly, then look at other
> distributions later.

Honestly, I wouldn't touch Ubuntu with a ten-foot pole.  Not only is it
now systemd-based, I think of it as the Linux distribution for people
who would secretly - or not so secretly - rather be running Windows or

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