[rescue] [geeks] Solaris being discontinued? Rumors flying

Doug McIntyre merlyn at geeks.org
Sat Dec 3 09:26:03 CST 2016

On Fri, Dec 02, 2016 at 01:54:18AM +0000, Christopher Robinson wrote:
> ..As far as Solaris goes, i have been looking around for a good upgrade
> fromOpenSolars...

I really like FreeBSD.

BSD doesn't get all the flash and mindset that linux does, but of
course SunOS 4.x was BSD + lots of Sun bits and then Solaris was partially based
on BSD in a more indirect way. 

FreeBSD (or other flavors of BSD, such as OpenBSD, DragonFly, TrueOS) are going
very strong, lots of work on them by large teams.

FreeBSD has ZFS, Boot Environments, Dtrace, jails built in. Binary packages
and updates.

FreeBSD is built firstly to be a server OS, so if you are looking for a
graphical GUI, it is there, but won't install X11 out of the box. People do
use it for an X11 desktop and the most recent release has a lot of WiFi
chipsets brought up now.

If you wanted to be more desktop, you may want to look at TrueOS first,
but my main use is all server based.

Binary patching FreeBSD is a breeze, I can jam through easily 10 FreeBSD
servers in about the time I can do one or two linux ones. And the ports
collection means you can run what you want on any OS version, you don't
have to ugprade your dist to get get such-and-such version.

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