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On 08/28/2016 01:26 PM, Stefan Skoglund (lokal anvdndare) wrote:
> XEROX sold a system for on-demand printing of books (Docutech 6180)
> around 1996 or so (i still have the notebook which was the handout) -
> the system was demonstrated by XEROX at Nordiska bokmC$ssan in
> Gothenburg.)
> Frontend system at that time was a SS20.
> Did it exists some method of connecting a IBM system with ESCON or
> bus-tag to a Sbus machine ?
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I use to work for a bank that had a very specialized Xerox printer with
a sorter for printing and enveloping statements.  It had an Ultra 5 as
it's controller/print engine, then was later upgraded to an Sun Blade
500 or 600 ( one of the flat pizza-boxish desktop ones, but I don't
remember the exact one ).

It was pretty cool to watch - it was about 10 feet long, at one end was
a stack of statement paper, in the middle was a hopper filled with
envelopes, at the far end was a mail bag ready t to catch the output.
It would print, sort, and stuff them ready to be mailed. Cool stuff ...

Anyway, both the Sun systems were normal looking systems, no special
cases or colors - the Ultra 5 was white/beige and the Blade was black.

-- Derrik

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