[rescue] beige Sun Blade 2500 bus-tag:iface

Stefan Skoglund (lokal användare) stefan.skoglund at agj.net
Sun Aug 28 12:26:09 CDT 2016

fre 2016-08-26 klockan 14:44 +0200 skrev Walter Belgers: 
> Hi all,
> Just picked up a Sun Blade 2500. Whats interesting, is that the casing is
> beige. On the front, where it normally says Sun Microsystems, it is now
> empty. Where is should say SunBlade 2500 it now says Sun. Apparently, they
> were sold by Xerox as print servers. Has anybody seen beige blades before or
> knows more about them?
> Picture: https://giga.nl/walter/computers/blade2500-beige.png
> Walter.
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XEROX sold a system for on-demand printing of books (Docutech 6180)
around 1996 or so (i still have the notebook which was the handout) -
the system was demonstrated by XEROX at Nordiska bokmC$ssan in

Frontend system at that time was a SS20.

Did it exists some method of connecting a IBM system with ESCON or
bus-tag to a Sbus machine ?

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