[rescue] Free: Solbourne and 13W3/RGB bits

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Wed Aug 17 17:18:22 CDT 2016

Trying to tame the pile of stuff in the garage, I have the following
free to anyone who wants to pay shipping.

Solbourn stuff:
    2 Solbourne keyboards and mouse / mousepad combos (one brand new!)
    2 Solbourne keyboard extension cables
    1 Solbourne 13W3 -> RGB BNC cable for S4000/S4100 systems
    3 Solbourne RGB BNC video cables (RGB -> RGB) for K-Bus systems
    1 Solbourne BW20 Sbus mono video card (DB9 connector)
    1 Solbourne CGLite Sbus color video card (13W3 connector)

    1 HP RGB -> RGB BNC cable (from an old HP 9000/300 series)
    1 Cabco 13W3 male -> VGA female converter
    1 13W3 female -> RGB + sync BNC
    2 IBM 13W3 male -> VGA male cables
    1 HP RGB BNC -> VGA male (6 pins)
    2 RGB + Hsync + Vsync BNC -> VGA male cables
    1 Sun 8-pin DIN speaker/microphone breakout cable w/ Sun microphone

In the near future I'll be giving away a bunch of SCSI cables that
I've accumulated over the years too.

 - todd

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