[rescue] SS10 SCSI Controller

Peter Stokes peter at ashlyn.co.uk
Sun Aug 7 03:50:59 CDT 2016


Suggest you disconnect each peripheral in turn and cable to check it is not
any of those first.

Add on SBus SCSI narrow cards are two a penny, if you need one I can send you
one for the price of postage.


> On 7 Aug 2016, at 05:34, eddie_cottongim eddie_cottongim
<eddie_cottongim at cox.net> wrote:
> My SPARCstation 10's SCSI controller seems to have died. I've gone
> through a bunch of swaps of trying both internal and external cabling,
> multiple drives, etc. It suddenly went from working well (with internal
> SCSI2SD and external DVD) to hanging while trying to boot. ("The SCSI Bus
> is hung.") OBP btest scsib fails (-1) most of the time. To my
> surprise, probe-scsi can still see the SCSI2SD, but hangs after printing
> that line, with the access light on SD2SCSI still on.
> Are there any repairable common failure modes here? I checked the
> termination PTC fuse as well as I could b its hard to get clear access
> to the legs, but I think it is ok. If it is misbehaving under load, I
> wouldn't be able to tell with a simple continuity test.
> My main options would be replace the motherboard, or find an add-in SCSI
> controller?
> Thanks,
> Eddie
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