[rescue] SS10 SCSI Controller

eddie_cottongim eddie_cottongim eddie_cottongim at cox.net
Sat Aug 6 23:34:11 CDT 2016

My SPARCstation 10's SCSI controller seems to have died. I've gone
through a bunch of swaps of trying both internal and external cabling,
multiple drives, etc. It suddenly went from working well (with internal
SCSI2SD and external DVD) to hanging while trying to boot. ("The SCSI Bus
is hung.") OBP btest scsib fails (-1) most of the time. To my
surprise, probe-scsi can still see the SCSI2SD, but hangs after printing
that line, with the access light on SD2SCSI still on.

Are there any repairable common failure modes here? I checked the
termination PTC fuse as well as I could b its hard to get clear access
to the legs, but I think it is ok. If it is misbehaving under load, I
wouldn't be able to tell with a simple continuity test.

My main options would be replace the motherboard, or find an add-in SCSI



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