[rescue] HP c8000

Christopher Purdy escher.beretta.2112 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 10:39:39 CDT 2016

Good day folks,

Its been a while - workstations all but dried up in my neck of the woods..
But today, ahhhh today I picked up a beauty.

HPc8000 - the last of our internal Unix machines... IT said "Chris - you
want this thing? - not sure if we have media, and we don't know the root

Of course I did!

So - I haven't even left work yet, and its sitting here at my desk..  I
figure I had better get an OS sorted out on this thing in short order.

Do these beasts require a proper license to run HPUX 11i (TCOE I believe is
the version I need)?  Or do I just need media?

Short of that, anyone know of a Linux build that runs cleanly?  Look like
there were some  for HP-PA but not sure if the graphics side will work...

I'll dig more into it after work, but I'm doing the lazy thing and asking
you folks until I get a chance..  thanks in advance for any info!
- Chris

Christopher Purdy
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