[rescue] Seeking advice on a vendor

Peter Stokes peter at ashlyn.co.uk
Thu Apr 7 11:15:22 CDT 2016


MemoryX have good name in the trade. One thing is that the AC 200 MAY work
with 1gb Dimms so 4gb is possible. Also you will find that any of the ECC
pc133 Dimms will work as used with HP etc as well as Sun. The Dimms always
have an ECC chip on board. There were other ECC Dimms used in Blade 100 etc
which are different


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> On 7 Apr 2016, at 15:52, Doug McIntyre <merlyn at geeks.org> wrote:
>> On Thu, Apr 07, 2016 at 05:56:49AM -0400, Carl R. Friend wrote:
>>    I've got a Netra AC 200 that I need to max out the memory on (the
>> specs say it can go to 2GB) and am wondering if anybody has a vendor
>> who's done well by them in the past for that.
> I've thought that MemoryX.net was always particuarly nice to work with
> for getting Sun memory that worked in the past. They've been around, and
> especially in the SS20/SS10 days or with word-wide parity or whatever
> oddness Sun used, they always got me the right parts. (as well as for
> Cisco kit).
> I haven't used them so much in recent time, not really needing
> anything special or beyond stock parts, so hoping they are the same still.
> In reviewing their website, they break down memory options by OBP version
> for some Netra models. Seems thorough.
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