[rescue] next rescue.. Sun-1.5

Walter Belgers walter+rescue at belgers.com
Wed Apr 6 14:07:54 CDT 2016


I hope you all do not mind me mailing about my adventures with all this old

Finally, (after hooking up a real DEC vt320 instead of using a cheap PL2303
USB-to-serial on a laptop) I reliably get:

KONTRON  PSI 9068 Monitor  (Rev C/V2.1 ) - 0x200000 bytes of memory

This is directly from the serial port on the CPU board. When I type b, it
tries to boot, but fails:

> b
Boot: dk(16,2)unix
Waiting for the IOP-Processor

I guess the Kontron-board with the Z80 is the IOP board. It has a serial port
as well, but I have not gotten anything out of it.

If I remove the Kontron-board and type b, it tries to boot from Ethernet
(which it does not have). So the Kontron-board is detected somehow. Of course,
it could also mean that the Seagate ST-225 has some problem.


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