[rescue] customizing OBP/text colors

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Fri Apr 1 10:43:13 CDT 2016

> When using a monochrome (green) CRT black on green just doesn't look
> as good as green on black.

> As far as I know I can change the default colors of the OS by
> modifying the kernel on SunOS/BSD.


> Can I change the default text colors  starting from OBP?

If just getting it out of reverse video is enough for you, you can use
ESC [ p and ESC [ q to switch back and forth (I forget which one is
which - one puts it into, one takes it out of reverse video).  These
work on the text console in SunOS and I think in NetBSD, at least the
versions I've played with.  On at least some versions, you can do this
in OBP as well, something like

ok 1b (emit 5b (emit 70 (emit


ok 1b (emit 5b (emit 71 (emit

(depending on whether you want p or q).  I'm not sure (emit is the
right word; IIRC you can find it in "see emit" output.  (I think you
can't use emit directly because it does things like mapping 1b (ESC) to
5e 5b (^[), but I'd have to test to be sure, and I'm not in a position
to do that now).


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