[rescue] DDS SETASI SC44 info?

Josh Dersch derschjo at gmail.com
Thu Sep 24 01:34:58 CDT 2015

Hi all --

I just added a PDP-11/44 to my collection and it appears to have some 
manner of cache upgrade; it's made by Digital Data Systems (DDS) and 
consists of two cards, one hex-height labeled "SC44 SETASI" (in the 
place of the normal 11/44 cache board) and a second quad-height labeled 
"1051" at the end of the first backplane.  The two are connected via a 
ribbon cable.

I know DDS made some seriously nice upgrades for the 11/70 but I can't 
find anything on this board set at all.  I'm assuming it's just a 
souped-up cache but it'd be nice to know more (and docs would be 
excellent of course).


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