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DIMM come always in pair. Also check p/n as it is not permitted to mix
different part numbers
inside the same DIMM group. Also check memory installations rules.

4.1.1 Identifying Faulty FB-DIMMs

The system fault LED lights if the system detects an FB-DIMM fault.

To identify faulty FB-DIMMs:

1. Power down the server.

2. Unplug all power cords from the rear panel.

3. Remove the top cover.

4. Press and hold the Remind button on the memory tray to identify
which FB-DIMM is faulty. (FIGURE 4-1) FB-DIMM Placement

Refer to the service label on the cover for FB-DIMM placement information.

Start with Branch 0 (Channels A/B), then Branch 1 (Channels C/D).

Populate by Pair (A0/B0 then C0/D0, then A1/B1,...) of identical DIMMs.

Within each Channel:

Modules within a pair (A0/B0, C0/D0, A1/B1,...) must be identical with
respect to size, speed and organization.

Start with the slots with white handles (slot 0 of each channel).

Start with largest modules (4 GB then 2 GB...) if not all same capacity.

Both Channels from the same branch must contain the same number of
DIMMs (populated by pairs of identical DIMMs).

TABLE 4-1 Sun Fire X4450 DIMM Guideline Examples

Example 1
(10 DIMMS - 5 Pairs):

Example 2
(Minimum Configuration - 1 Pair)

3 Pairs in Branch 0

Channel A (Branch 0): 3 DIMMs

Channel B (Branch 0): 3 DIMMs

1 Pair in Branch 0

Channel A (Branch 0): 1 DIMMs

Channel B (Branch 0): 1 DIMMs

2 Pairs in Branch 1

Channel C (Branch 1): 2 DIMMs

Channel D (Branch 1): 2 DIMMs

Branch 1 Is Empty

Channel C (Branch 1): 0 DIMMs

Channel D (Branch 1): 0 DIMMs

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On 2 September 2015 at 15:34, Francois Dion <francois.dion at gmail.com> wrote:
> Sun X4450 with 32 * 2GB, shows 32GB instead of 64GB. Dropping to just 4
> dimms (A0, B0, C0, D0) shows 4GB instead of 8GB. Using only A0B0 with
> whatever DIMMS never gets to boot at all.
> I swapped mezzanine too, no changes. Thoughts?
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