[rescue] LCD for HD resolution w/ FFB (Creator) ?

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Wed Oct 28 09:44:24 CDT 2015

>> So - does anyone knows a LCD with a VGA input that will display
>> 1920x1080 and/or 1920x1200 from a FFB?

Not specifically an FFB, but I've had some trouble getting flatscreens
to display 1920x1080 from my cg14s.  The one I know works (indeed, I'm
using one to type this email) is an Asus VH236H.

I don't know how similar the signal from the kludged-together
configuration I'm using on my cg14s is to what the FFB produces, but it
might be worth looking into.

In case it matters, the cg14 configuration I'm using is

: r1920x1080x60 780 438 3c 8d9ee20 5e 0f 5e 0f 5e 0f ;

and the monitor is calling it 61KHz horizontal and 55Hz vertical.

In passing, if you find a source for the VH236H, I would love to hear
about it; I'm looking for more of them (small numbers more, like maybe

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