[rescue] LCD for HD resolution w/ FFB (Creator) ?

Romain Dolbeau romain at dolbeau.org
Wed Oct 28 08:28:08 CDT 2015

Hello all,

Since the GDM20E20 on my Ultra 1 Creator died, I've been looking for a
replacement monitor.

Although with the whole composite-sync vs. separate-sync stuff I excepted
troubles, but pretty much all of the LCD I've tried will happily display
1152x900x66 from various GX, TGX and FFB. They will also usually work in
1280x1024x67 with TGX+, RasterFlex HR or FFB (much better, since that is
the native resolution for many 5x4 LCDs).

So of course now I'm looking for bigger and better :-) The FFB (I have both
a Serie 1 Creator and a Serie 2 Creator 3D) will output 1920x1080x72 or
1920x1200x70. Unfortunately the wide-screen LCD I have near the machine
won't sync to such a high horizontal sync :-( It is limited to 81 KHz, and
those resolutions are about 84 KHz.

So - does anyone knows a LCD with a VGA input that will display 1920x1080
and/or 1920x1200 from a FFB? Preferably cheap and widely available, but any
reference past or present that is "known to work" would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance & cordially,

Romain Dolbeau

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