[rescue] Trying to revive my E450

Jonathan Katz jon at jonworld.com
Sun Oct 25 13:33:20 CDT 2015

>> I'm not sure E450 can boot from USB? But if so, that's definitely an
>> >option.

450s don't have USB ports. Conceivably you could put a PCI USB card in
that Solaris supports and it may work, but I don't think the version
of OBP would support USB booting.

Your best bet would be to either "upgrade" to a SCSI DVD-ROM on the
machine or find a Solaris 10 boot CD. You could also jumpstart Solaris
10 from another system to get a single-user root that way and poke
around on the system. Alternately FreeBSD sparc64 supports ZFS and you
may be able to go that route with a bootable CD.

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