[rescue] Trying to revive my E450

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 25 13:17:03 CDT 2015

SCSI DVD players aren't THAT hard to find, and I'm pretty sure that the E450
can not 'boot from USB'.

Booting from a network share is an option, including booting from a shared DVD
drive - I know, I did that with LX machines in a Solaris class decades ago.


On Oct 25, 2015, at 12:19 PM, microcode at zoho.com wrote:

>> The machine only has CD-ROM, so I must have done the original install from
>> CD-ROM images of Solaris 10, which Oracle no longer supplies. (If anyone
>> a set, let me know...)
> My internet connectivity has gone from bad to worse. Even if I could find
> the set you could never download it from me. I'm sure somebody else has one
> although IIRC at some point CD downloads were no longer available so it
> would have to be a pretty old release.
> If you can boot from USB maybe you could plug in a USB DVD and boot the
> latest S10 installer to a shell?

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