[rescue] Trying to revive my E450

microcode at zoho.com microcode at zoho.com
Sun Oct 25 12:19:59 CDT 2015

On Sun, Oct 25, 2015 at 12:46:24PM -0400, Toby Thain wrote:

> Yeah. When I packed it up, I wrapped the disks in foam and tape and stored
> them carefully with the key, so I know it's the pair.

That sounds ominous. I would suggest being very careful about not trying to
install those drives in a machine with a ZFS root. Many versions of S10 go
into fatal kernel panics when more than one ZFS root pool is present. I lost
a system that way and found other people did too.

> >Are you sure you are booting from the right drives? It might be worth trying
> >to boot from the other drives too in case you pulled the wrong ones.
> There were only two in this array.

I misunderstood that you had 4 total and only pulled the root mirror drives.

> The two drives DO probe with probe-scsi, I meant to say this (though
> probe-scsi-all hangs).
> The machine only has CD-ROM, so I must have done the original install from
> CD-ROM images of Solaris 10, which Oracle no longer supplies. (If anyone has
> a set, let me know...)

My internet connectivity has gone from bad to worse. Even if I could find
the set you could never download it from me. I'm sure somebody else has one
although IIRC at some point CD downloads were no longer available so it
would have to be a pretty old release.

If you can boot from USB maybe you could plug in a USB DVD and boot the
latest S10 installer to a shell?

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