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Christopher Purdy escher.beretta.2112 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 7 12:47:46 CDT 2015

Back on the topic of pen plotters...

I recently jumped in the deep end on this one - always been interested in
pen plotters.

Check out chiplotle software - its a python environment that acts as a
command interpreter for pen-plotters and allows you to do some more
advances commands, including mathematic plotting, etc...  I've been using
it to convert vector art to plottable images (i.e. bmp to .hpgl).

I use an HP 7550a 8 pen plotter... these can be had online for literally
nothing.  Got mine for $25 plus $50 in shipping.. Pens are still available
as well.  This particular model was one of the fastest pen plotter ever
made, and they are pretty bullet proof - mine runs amazingly well for a 30
year old machine.

Here's a quick sample vid I made - using output from my HP Oscilloscope -
sorry for the length, its more of a setup demo for the oscilloscope - the
fun starts around 7 minutes in:

And this may be of specific interest - some examples using "superformulas"
in the chiplotle software to draw smooth spirograph curves..

And here is the link to the chiplotle software:


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