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Tue Oct 6 12:26:25 CDT 2015

>>> How many people still use xterm rather than an alternative, for
>>> that matter :-)
>> I do.  On a Mac.  Often 9 or 16 at a time.
> I do.  I do not *like* the various Gnome etc. "improved" terminal
> emulators.  They are NOT improved xterms.  They are *bloated* xterms
> that do things I don't want or need done.

I share your opinion of Gnome terminal, kterm, etc.  But I don't like
xterm, either; while I don't find it particularly bloated, it does a
lot I don't like and there's plenty it doesn't do that I do want.  I
wrote my own terminal emulator.  (git clone
git://git.rodents-montreal.org/Mouse/X/mterm for the curious; in
particular, the mterm-vs-xterm.txt file may be of interest.)

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